What Not to Do in Poker

As with any group activity, a poker game has house rules that need to be strictly observed. However, there are also unspoken, but equally important, rules of conduct that each player must keep in mind to keep the peace. Conversely, there are certain things that a player must not do during a game. This is a list of what not to do in poker to help you , and everyone else on the table, enjoy the most of your game.

When playing online, do not have several tables at the same time unless your skills are up to it. Doing this slows down the game in all your tables, and will dampen the spirits of the other players.

Show respect for the other players by avoiding cuss words. Some players are not comfortable with swearing in their regular life, and they will bring this sensitivity to their playing world. Respect that.

Folding your cards signals that you are out of the hand. Stop at that and avoid talking about your cards to the other players, whether they are still in play or not.

Should you lose a pot, no matter how close it was, do not show other players your cards. Instead, just throw them with the rest of the pile. This is also sensible as you will avoid tipping off the others on your strategy.

Do not let your emotions rule your conduct. Even if the tide is against you, do not take it out on the others with your anger or bad mood.

Do not try to influence the calls of your opponents. Keep your nose to your own cards and do not try to strategize for the others.

If lady luck is smiling down on you, be grateful and gracious, especially if you won a bluff with a bad hand. Bringing this up constantly for the rest of the game will seem like rubbing salt on an open wound.

Avoid displaying your bluff especially when the pot is big. Aside from this being a sound strategy to prevent being called off on future plays, you avoid irritating other players by always betting with nothing to show for it. Just muck your cards after bluffing the pot, and leave the others guessing.

Though these tips on what not to do in poker may not ensure you a winning game, it will definitely help you and your opponents get the most fun and enjoyment from the game.