Discover the Best Pot Limit Hold'Em Starting Hands

In describing Texas Hold'Em, there are several ways in which it can be played. For some, no limit is the only way to go as it allows participants to go all-in at absolutely any time without regard to the size of the pot. Pot limit, then, restricts participants to only the amount that is currently in the pool when they go to raise their opponents. Many people wonder if there is a difference in the best pot limit Hold'Em starting hands when compared to no-limit. The best advice is that while mathematics may dictate which hands are statistically the strongest prior to the flop, only an individual's skill level and the methods of his or her opponents can determine which are really best.

The Absolute Best

Hands-down and without a doubt, the best pot limit Hold'Em starting hands are AA, KK, AK, QQ and JJ - in that order. With the first of these, you can generally feel confident in regard to raising or even re-raising prior to the flop no matter where you are seated. As for the final two pairs, how you play them will depend upon your position. In some cases, it may be best to sit tight and wait to see what happens on the flop prior to attempting to raise your opponents, though you should feel quite confident in calling raises at first.

Other Power Pairs

Aside from the aforementioned pot limit Hold'Em starting hands, other great pairs that will definitely keep you in the running include A/10 suited, A/J suited, A/Q suited and so on. Further down the scale are K/J, Q/J and even A/Q unsuited. Keep in mind that all of these will give you a good chance for a high straight or flush draw as long as you choose to play them carefully. If no one raises prior to you, then you can do so preferably at the turn or the river. Be mindful of those around you and only call a raise if you suspect a fish or a loose player.