Playing Poker Vs Computer

The most definite weakness of the online poker today is the fact that you won't be able to see your opponent excluding live gaming and you can't even guarantee whether what you're fighting is even a person or not. As technology is evolving very fast, it is already common that there are instances where you'll be facing a tough opponent which is not even a human-being, rather you'll be playing poker vs computer. This fact doesn't only apply to video games which is used in order for people to level-up their characters on auto-play - this is also used in waging in order to gain more money even for beginners, which is sometimes unfair or sometimes permitted to some extent.

These computer poker players, often referred to as pokerbots or at some times, bots, are intricately designed computer programs made solely for playing the game against people or in some rare cases against computer players as well. This intelligently designed programs are now casually used by various wagers online which can sometimes be seen as legitimate but most of the time, it is viewed to be as a way of cheating. This is comprehensible as an intricately and carefully designed program may even contain all the possible moves within a game which is troublesome as this will guarantee that all its moves will be based on the greatest mathematical possibility.

The greatest advantage which can be seen from this type of players are the amount of knowledge placed in it and the fact that it has the absence of human weakness which includes incapability of being on-tilt and fatigue. On the other hand, it may be greatly counter-attacked with the fact that this lack of emotion will ensure the effectiveness of bluffs and flexibility in strategies.

Most of the time, these type of players are viewed as cheating, therefore most rooms doesn't allow them. However there are some lenient rooms which fails to act accordingly which unfortunately gives chance for pokerbots to play the game. Enforcing the establishment can be done through various ways like integrating various technology to the site or just simply adding CAPTCHAs at some points during the game or even on the interface of the website.

Even though poker vs computer are highly treated negatively by serious wagers, there are those which explores the idea for the core goal of being able to utilize and further innovate the technology of artificial intelligence. With this, many tournaments are held through various institutions and schools which motivates the innovation of artificial intelligence through this type of game. Though it may be seen negative by some, this type of technology still proves how far man has been able to develop until today and how much it can still develop in the future.