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Guts was a card game which became immensely popular in the 70s and continues to be an important part of casinos everywhere. This three card poker game requires you to have the best hand. To play however, you need to decide whether you are willing to drop the cards. If you have dropped the cards and lost the hand then you will have to match the money which is already in the pot.

This is where the true meaning of the name comes into play. As the value of the pot become larger, you need to call on your guts to drop the cards if you believe you have the winning hand.

How to Play

To enter, each player will have to contribute the ante into the pool. This is done before any cards are distributed to players. Once the antes are in, three cards are distributed to each player with their faces down.

Each play will then proceed to look at their cards but will not show them to any other player. Once you've seen your cards, you get to decide whether or not you're going to drop them. If a player chooses to fold, they will simply be out of the round and will have to wait until the next hand is being played.

Once every player has made a decision, the dealer will then call on the remainder to drop their cards on the count of three. The players who decide to fold will have to drop their cards.

Those who have stayed in will compare their cards against each other. The one with the best three cards will win the pot. Those who lost on the other hand will have to match the value of the pot. The play goes on until one player stands uncontested and scoops the entire pot.

What is dropping?

Dropping is simply a term used to indicate the decision of players to stay or fold. The Guts Poker games online are named thus because there has to be no hesitation when dropping the cards. If a player hesitates, they can take the time to judge the behavior of other players to gauge what decision to take. Since this'll show them the number of players they'll have to go up against, they can decide whether or not to stay.

The dropping action is done by placing a poker chip in the palm of a player's hand. Each player will be asked to hold their hand closed right above the surface of the table. Those who fold will have empty hands whereas those that are willing to stay will have chips. Those who have dropped their chips will continue with the round. Try these new teachings at Carbon Poker, an online poker room waiting for you to test your luck!