A Comparison of Poker and Casino Games

Something that you'll run into a lot in online gambling circles is a comparison between different genres of games. Because there are so many genres to choose from, it's natural that people will be drawn towards something that fits their own personal disposition more often than not. It's hard to go against the grain by playing a game that doesn't really feel right for you, and here we're going to give you a bit of a guide in choosing between poker games and casino-style games.

On the most basic level, the main difference between these two genres is that one has you playing against the house to try to win through a combination of skill and luck, and the other has you playing against other players. If you take a game like blackjack that has a ton of skill involved, you'll see that you'll have to study a lot and use good bankroll management if you want to maximize your chances of winning. While this is the same as in poker games like Texas hold'em, the main difference is that the latter has you studying other players and their habits in addition to the odds and math of the game.

Another good comparison to make would be between video poker and traditional poker. Both games will have you focusing on how to play your hand the best way possible, though the video style will have you focusing purely on discards while the traditional style will have you focusing mostly on betting options. In other words, you control how much money you're putting on hands once you have already received cards instead of controlling how you play hands that you have already paid for. This allows you to achieve a much higher advantage as a percentage of your bets than you can get in casino games.

A good traditional poker player who has studied up on Texas hold'em might pick up an average of two or three big blinds for every 100 hands played. Again on average, this player might put in a total of about 200 to 300 big blinds worth of bets across every 100 hands, so the advantage relative to the amount bet comes to around one percent or so just depending on play style and the skill of the opponents.

In casino-style games like blackjack and video poker, your edges are smaller, and you will often have a hard time getting an advantage over the house.

The main differences between poker and casino games come down to how the betting is handled and who you are playing against.