Online Casino Bonuses Explained

There are a lot of exciting things about online casinos, but it's the casino bonuses that really draw in the crowds. These bonuses are available in a few different scenarios: when new customers sign up to a casino and during various times when a customer is already a member of the casino. Bonuses are designed to entice individuals to join the casino as well as to reward loyal customers.

How Big are the Bonuses?

Each venue will offer a different size bonus depending upon their specific promotions and offerings, but most will be around twenty to thirty percent of the deposit you make. The purpose of the bonus is to give you some extra credits in your account to play with; essentially, it's free money.

Different Types of Bonus

The sign-up bonus is offered when new customers register at a particular casino and make deposits into their accounts. If a casino is offering 20%, those who deposit $100 will receive an additional $20 in their account. The loyalty offerings are usually made at various times and are designed to get customers to reload their money accounts. Some casinos will even offer a 100% match up to a certain amount of money. A venue offering a 100% match up to $200 will give a customer $100 when he deposits $100 of his own money.

The Wagering Requirements

Along with the bonuses come the requirements. These are standard at most websites and typically involve the customer making a certain number of wagers before they're permitted to withdraw the winnings on their bonuses. This is designed to keep things fair and prevent players from signing up simply to receive a bonus.

These promotions are wonderful ways to reward customers, both for joining a website and for being loyal to a certain casino. They are beneficial for both parties and a great deal for gamblers who want a little extra cash in their accounts.